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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm Going Insane

Sometimes, living amongst the "normal" people drives me crazy. Someone PLEASE talk to me about something other than the drivel that was on TV last night or work drama or which actress is screwing which grungy rock dude. PLEASE! Give me some science, history, philosophy, art... SOMETHING... PLEASE! Please tell me you understand having informed opinions about who runs this damned country and the collapse of our economy or just informed opinions period. Please don't ask me to explain basic information that has been on every fucking news show for the last six fucking months. Please don't tell me you didn't read the fucking memo which might affect whether you have a job in a few months and then ask me to explain everything. Please do go your fucking self to the open budget meetings and not expect me to explain everything to you in a five minute car ride, including that no, the "bosses" did not know a year ago that the economy was going to completely go belly up. They're not psychic. Okay, if you don't work with me, you probably think I'm nuts at this point.

And I probably am!

My new favorite spark of insanity:

This is a reenactment. There may be some differences between the recreation and the actual events due to the writer suffering from a heady case of "wha..?" Differences will mostly be in the order in which these things were said, b/c they were definitely said.

(groan of frustration) "Okay, everything you call the Old Testament is Jewish scripture. Then we have a few other books."

"I'm confused. I thought being Jewish was a good religion. I mean I thought everyone read the Holy Bible. Even the Jehovah's witnesses read the Holy Bible. They just interpret it differently. I mean, I don't want to get you involved in an argument over whose religion is better, but.... Don't you believe in Jesus?"


"But, I don't get it. Then why do they say that Jesus was a Jew?"

"Um... Because he was Jewish. He was a rabbi."

"Then how can you not believe in Jesus if you're Jewish? He was the king of the Jews."

"We don't believe he was king of the Jews."

"But do you believe in G-d?"


"But you don't believe in the Trinity?"

"No, but blah blah blah. We believe G-d was one being. We don't believe G-d can exist in human form."

I think the "wha...?" exploded my brain at that point and I made a hasty exit.


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