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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where's My Tax Cut?

Supposedly, we should already be seeing the Obama tax cut in our paychecks. My taxes haven't changed a bit according to my last paycheck on the 10th, which covered March 23 through April 3. I'll check again this Friday, but the money I earned between April 1 through 3 should've been covered and caused at least some small increase IF I was actually part of the tax cut.

I definitely meet his supposed standards. After writing off my student loan interest payments, I got less than $200 back from the more than $10,000 (nearly half in federal income taxes) that I paid this year. So, I'm DEFINITELY a taxpayer. Yet, I make much less than the supposed cap and I didn't see a single penny increase in my paycheck. Aren't I in the 95%?


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