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Monday, July 13, 2009

Things I have discovered...

My new habit of watching TV online in six languages is completely normal, at least it's completely normal for lesbians in America who can't get good representation on our own televisions.

I sometimes understand foreign languages better than I understand English spoken with a strong British accent.

If you obsessively watch TV shows in languages you don't speak, you start to understand them after a while. It's scary.

If the actress is hot enough, even Hebrew and German can sound unbelievably sexy.

After making out with a woman on-screen, an actress you sort of liked can become one of your most favorite people in the world EVER!

Ani ohevet Yisrael! I know I was obsessed with Spain and still am. BUT! There's just something about Israeli women. Maybe it's that mandatory military service that makes them sooooo sexy. Maybe it's the fact that they're Jewish and could reliably produce my 2.5 Jewish children. Maybe it's the looks. HUMMINA! All I know is that if I ever decided to date again, I would so be on the prowl for an Israeli. (Remind me to tell you about the Israeli woman I chatted up once before being introduced to her HUSBAND!)



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