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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mis Novias Imaginarias

I know that Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday, but lately I'm in LOVE with Spain. I've become obsessed with two great Spanish programs, Los Hombres de Paco and Hospital Central, that have lesbian couples amongst their casts of characters. Fortunately, they're both in the Castillian dialect, so I understand almost everything. The technical/medical language still flies past me at times, but that happens in English too. Anyway, these three women have made me wish I could move to Spain and find myself a nice Sephardi girlfriend.

For instance, Laura Sanchez:

She plays Pepa in Los Hombres de Paco. Pepa's character is a lesbian cop in love with Silvia, the doctor of forensics assigned to the precinct.

And Silvia is played by the amazing Marian Aguilera:

On Hospital Central, we have Maca, a pediatrician played by the fantastically sexy Patricia Vico:

Aren't they gorgeous? What really chaps my hide though is that Spain can have these kinds of well-written, well-acted portrayals of lesbians on their equivalent of primetime, network television, but on American TV, lesbians are nearing extinction and those that do exist aren't exactly Emmy material (or on screen very much at all). American TV sucks ass!


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