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Monday, July 13, 2009

Israeli Women Just Have That Effect

So, I have this lovely Muslim friend at work. (She's even more lovely when she cooks for me. Just sayin'.) She grew up in India, but moved here in her late teens. Her English is great, but she does sometimes slip up on the way she says things.

Anyway, I was prattling on about my "imaginary wife" of the week when she asked who I was talking about. Our servers were down at the time, so I told her to drop by later and I'd show her a pic of my Israeli crush. She dropped by to get my help with something, so I took a moment to show her the "love" of my week: Tal Nerubay. She was standing over my shoulder when the pic came up and this is what I heard from behind me, actually coming from the mouth of a married, heterosexual, Muslim woman: "Damn! She IS hot!" She deserved a little healthy mocking for that, but seriously, she was right.

Ladies and gents, Tal Nerubay:


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