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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things or People That Do Not Bother Me

Stacey didn't tag me, but I'm going to do it anyway.

So, here are the things that do NOT bother me:

1. Working long hours.

2. Being asked lots of questions about lots of topics. I'm used to it now.

3. Being the shoulder to cry on.

4. Living in the "friend zone."

5. Other people's dietary restrictions. I have so many that there is really no room for me to talk.

6. Other people's religious/political beliefs as long as they don't blatantly dehumanize/denigrate other people or blatantly support violence.

7. Honest ignorance. It's the willful ignorance that gets me.

8. Pro-lifers...except for those that break rule #6.

9. Men finding me attractive and/or asking me out despite the fact that I'm obviously a big ol' long as they don't do that construction site catcall thing.

10. Creationists and IDers... mainly because I think most of them fall in under #7.

Okay, I tag:
The Queen of England


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