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Friday, September 07, 2007

Movie Props

Someone is a bad influence. Anyway, I have a strange and rather ecclectic taste in movies. My Blockbuster queue is filled with documentaries, b-movies, sci-fi, foreign/indy flicks, oddball comedies, and the classics. For the "movie props," I've chosen a few of my favorites from a few different genres but I don't know if all of these would be in my top 10 movies, except "anything by Audrey Hepburn" which is always up there.

1. Redneck Zombies – a can of redneck zombie-killing deodorant or the original radioactive drum cum moonshine distiller that caused the redneck zombification in the first place (This is one of the worst movies ever, so it’s definitely a guilty pleasure.)

2. Pretty much anything worn or touched by Audrey Hepburn in any of her movies, but especially Serena, The Children’s Hour and My Fair Lady (Btw, “remaking” an Audrey Hepburn movie is a sacrilege and a blasphemy worthy of death by flogging!)

3. Plan 9 from Outer Space – the pie tin spaceship

4. Day of the Triffids – an “infant” and fully grown triffid

5. Better than Chocolate – Kim’s leather jacket and shades OR one of the window display signs Maggie holds in the “big” ending

6. Celestial Clockwork – a bottle of the “magic elixir” that turns women into sex-crazed loonies.

7. Victor/Victoria – Julie Andrews’ tux (In my imagination, it would actually fit.)

8. History of the World Part 1 – a set of stocks from the Inquisition scene

9. Idiocracy – a box or two of disposable clothes OR the Starbucks sign

10. The Seventh Seal – the chess set

I tag Stacey, Angie, Duck, Lauren, and RPP.


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