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Monday, November 12, 2007

My Big Ol' Lesbian Wish List

I was thinking about all the women I'd convert if we really could convert women to lesbianism. So, I'm putting together a list. I'd be interested in other lesbians lists too. Like you, RPP. Who would you convert if you could?

My Not Necessarily Complete Lesbian Wish List:

1. Jennifer Beals
2. Marlee Matlin
3. Lucy Lawless
4. Renee O'Connor
5. Terry Farrell
6. Natassia Malthe
7. Eliza Dushku
8. Allison Hannigan
9. America Ferrerra
10. Sarah Shahi

The Girl-Lovin' Girls So Hot I Just Have to Rub It In List:

1. Portia de Rossi
2. Kristanna Lokken
3. Michelle Rodriguez
4. Tammy Lynn Michaels (Mrs. Etheridge)
5. Leisha Hailey
6. Alexandra Hedison
7. Karina Lombard
8. Honey Labrador
9. Guinevere Turner
10.Bitch (Interviewed her once. Accidentally hit on her mid interview. I really have to fix that thing that's supposed to stop my dirty thoughts from escaping.)


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