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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My American Idol

Okay, I was pissed when they removed my Irish hottie. The accent alone was worth her getting into the finals. But I'm just kind of "Whatever, fucktards!" with the removal of Syesha Mercado:

My personal theory is that she would have gone a bit further if she hadn't sold out and given up the Sexy Hair. Sorry, but women with that 'do' elicit major droolage at my house. Those of you who went to college with me know why.

Btw, the "Sexy One" will be at my place for two glorious days and two glorious nights in June. I'm taking off work. To those who came to visit me and were left to your own devices while I worked: Sorry, but she's just worth it. Not that I don't love you and stuff. Ah Screw it! She's hotter than you. Even without the poof.


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