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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


About a month ago, my coworkers kept trying to pull me away from my desk to check out this attractive, obviously gay Asian woman who came in. I was busy and missed her. Not that it would've done much good anyway, considering we're not exactly allowed to blatantly hit on people who come in to the office.

Anyway, a few days ago, I'm called up to the desk to help some one b/c everyone else was unavailable. It was the hot Asian woman looking for the coworker who'd helped her last time. I'm all super helpful and go get him for her. I was trying to just ask him for info on her account so I could help myself, but the freak left his lunch to help her. (I wonder why?)

Long story short, I realized later that my attire left much to be desired. Why? Although I usually wear standard professional dyke-wear, I had been too sick to wash clothes the night before. So, I went casual for only the second time in the 2 plus years I've worked here and wore some dark brown cargos and what my co-workers like to call my "warrior" shirt, a black silky shirt with a tiger and Chinese writing on it. Yeah, that goes over so well with the Asians. No wonder she gave me a strange look. Darnit!

Hint: When you're trying to subtly move in on a hot woman, DON'T wear something that could possibly be interpreted as insulting to her culture. Grrrrrr.....


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