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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Alphabet thingy: even if I didn't get tagged....

The Alphabet Meme

[A is for age]: 30

[B is for beer of choice]: Guiness or Beamish.

[C is for career]: journalist/writer

[D is for favorite Drink]: Diet Coke

[E is for Essential item you use everyday]: heart meds...too morbid? Hmmmmmmm... nice, hot shower

[F is for Favorite song at the moment]: nothing in particular jumps to mind

[G is for favorite Game]: Would You Rather?: The Twisted, Sick, and Wrong Version

[H is for Home town]: New Orleans, even if I was born elsewhere

[I is for Instruments you play]: djimbe, bongos, congas, and other weird percussion instruments

[J is for favorite Juice]: cranberry or orange

[K is for Kids]: usually borrow them and give them back... working on 3 step-kids though

[L is for last kiss]: Judy... curled my toes and left me discombobulated for weeks

[M is for marriage]: Not ALLOWED to get married by fiat of the "majority" of Americans who think they have a right to determine the nature and validity of my relationship

[N is for full Name]: Melinda "Mind Your Own Business" Barton

[O is for Overnight hosp stays]: surgery a long time ago. My head was stuffed with gauze for like a week. Removing it was waaaaaaaay worse than having it in there. Not to mention that everything I ate tasted like napkins.

[P is for phobias]: claustrophobic and acrophobic

[Q is for quote]: "Sometimes, I'm so f*cking cool, I wish I could be me." by Me

[R is for biggest Regret]: petty fights with friends who were on this planet for far too short a time

[S is for sports]: women's tennis or beach volleyball

[T is for Time you wake up]: 5 a.m. not counting my love affair with the snooze alarm

[U is for color underwear]: peach, I think...

[V is for Vegetable you love]: spinach, asparagus, broccoli, etc. ad infinitum

[W is for Worst Habit]: smoking

[X is for X-rays you've had]: standard dental, chest X-rays, shoulder, tailbone, collarbone, wrist, arm (and X-ray like thingies: MRI, echocardiogram, abdominal ultrasound, and lots of other more embarassing tests down in radiology)

[Y is for Yummy food you make]: kick ass 5 minute fajitas, roasted chicken, and a great roast

[Z is for zodiac sign]: Taurus... The Bull... How appropriate!


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