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Sunday, December 10, 2006


I think we all associate certain objects with certain people, but I've come to realize that the type of objects that bring my friends to mind may very well seem strange to most people. Hell, they seem strange to me!

My friends are: a dancing Hawaiian hula doll, duct tape, hockey sticks, black lights, stripper poles, karaoke microphones, shopping carts, GPS units, various cheesy pranks, rockets, volleyball nets, beer cans/mugs/t-shirts, chicken wings, Two Dogs, 20-sided dice, togas, video games, M&M chocolate M-Pire Christmas ornaments, Krispy Kremes, laser tag gear.... Do you see what I mean?

Here's a visual. Some objects that are so my friends, it's not even funny!

I saw this one while shopping with a coworker during lunch. Having been regaled with many stories of my crazy friends, she said, "I have a feeling you're thinking of one of your adult friends and not one of your nieces and nephews." Scary. Because she was right!

So what objects do you associate with your friends?


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