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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Out-of-Context Humor

I don't know if these things are as funny out of context as they are in context, but I'm going for it. Angela and I have been chatting again. Never a good idea as we both seem to have strange little people living inside our heads.

Moment 1: Angela insisted that Elaine Cassidy couldn't play the modified me in "my movie" b/c she's too hot to have "Melinda moments." This provoked:

Melindaism No. 387: I can be a hot Irish girl if I want to!

Moment 2: While reminiscing about the good old days, I mentioned how much I missed being able to play sports:

Melindaism No. 388: My body was a temple. Now, it's a dive bar in the French Quarter.

Melinda 3: Then we moved on to the many, many Melinda moments I've had over the years and the possible revocation of my lesbian card. I was discussing the time when I "abandoned" a beautiful Quebecoise woman on the ferry between Vancouver and Victoria Island to go get a sandwich, when Angela's attempts to rip into me were interrupted by:

Angelaism No. 563: Well, I must confess that I stopped phone sex once to eat a waffle.

Something is really flurked up about the two of us.


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