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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Angelaism #486

So, Angela and I were discussing the latest insanity from her psycho ex, who is now guilt tripping her for "abandoning" their cats.

Me: Yeah, the cats are going to need years of therapy. And they'll probably end up stripping or something.

Angela: I know. You know how bad that "kitty porn" is getting these days.

Mental image of a grey tabby arching it's back in porn position and going Rowr!: NOT COOL! Thanks, Angela.

Much cooler: The idea of her cats exorcising their abandonment issues by hooking for catnip.

Off Topic Somewhat: Have you ever wondered what these animal sounds we make actually translate to? I mean, we think it's "sexy" to go Rowr! but maybe it means "Clean the litterbox already, bitch." Just a thought.


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