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Monday, February 09, 2009

Brain Fart...

How fucked up is it that my job includes being a webmaster and knowing all kinds of technical/software-type gobbledygook (like explaining the limitations of GPS when it comes to mapping and tagging 3 dimensional space for a new web application in development), YET I don't twitter or text message or have a cell phone or a blackberry? And don't want to?

Okay, there are a couple of people I might consider twitter-pating or whatever, but then I'd never get anything done.

UPDATE: I should probably explain my little GPS comment for the nerds. My "organization" is developing a web app that will allow centralized profiles for our "customers" across multiple types of accounts. For one service, IT is creating a pilot version of the app that will tag accounts based on the GPS coordinates of the associated address to determine whether a person has a right to that service.

A "know-it-all" who knows far less than "it all" decided to explain to a committee how this pilot will carry over to other types of accounts. Problem is, GPS coordinates won't work for the other types of accounts, considering other functions will have to break down to unit/suite/apartment numbers. While some GPS systems offer elevation information, we'd literally have to go to every unit/suite/apartment in our "coverage area" to get their exact 3 dimensional GPS coordinates with enough leeway to ensure that the imprecise nature of GPS doesn't overlap the actual coordinates of one with the erroneous coordinates of another. Not going to work.

He kept trying to insist that this is how the application would function even after an IT guy and I spent many minutes explaining that it wasn't technologically feasible for anything other than the one service that only required basic longitude/latitude tags. (I felt like screaming: Bitch, I know my technobabble! Just shut up and sit down!)


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