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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Melinda's Rules for Women

Okay, so you might notice a wide range of women taking the spot of my "imaginary girlfriend" of the week or month or moment. Some are traditionally gorgeous. Some... not so much, at least in the traditional sense. I think they're all hot. Why?

Because unlike some people (ahem), I think hotness is more than just meeting some set standard. I add hot points for brains, talent, sense of humor, math ability, etc. Now, don't get me wrong. As even the meanie admits, I've dated my share of absolutely gorgeous women by traditional standards. But I also find myself unbelievably attracted to a woman who may not have even raised one of my eyebrows at first. I see a woman and think, "meh, cute but not quite" then I get to know her. If she has those certain personality traits, I can't help myself and pretty soon it's hard for me to remember why she got the "meh" in the first place. This goes for real women and characters.

By the way, I'm also very protective of my women-folk too, so watch it or I'll send my imaginary girlfriend Mossad Officer Ziva David after you:


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