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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Which the Universe Steals My Woman

So, I have had a bit of a talent-crush on Sally Hawkins for quite some time. Okay, there's a little physical there too, because she's just adorable. Anyway, I've been a fan since long before anyone ever heard of Happy Go Lucky and therefore, long before most Americans had ever heard of her. I've seen many of her films and try to track down as many as become available in the U.S. The woman is unbelievably talented and has played a lesbian twice that I know of (major points there). Oddly, she was also born on the exact same day as yours truly, which means she must be awesome.

Plus, as mentioned before, she's adorable:

Anyway, Sally has lost a little bit of weight lately. A lot, actually. While she's still a lovely lady, there's a bit of a problem. As she gets thinner, she looks more and more like a brunette version of... MY SISTER! Ewwwww... Gross!

The Universe can suck mine!


Blogger Jet Girl said...

As a fellow Melinda, and a fellow Hawkins im gonna go out on a limb and blame hereditary gastrointestinal issues. >_<

4:55 PM  

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