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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Obsessed...

Lately, for no reason I can discern, I've been getting smaller. My muscles, on the other hand, are getting bigger. Much bigger. My biceps are amazing! If you've known me long, you'll know that I've always been a little obsessed with my natural musculature, which was quite nice without any extra push. But what's happening to my body is beyond the normal muscle. I love it!

Problem is I think I'm becoming obsessed with playing with them. I do not want to become the dyke who runs around flexing at every opportunity. And I definitely do not want to become some narcissistic fool who plays with her own muscles all the time. The nerd in me just won't allow it. Or will she?

I don't know. Maybe I need to find someone else to play with them for me?


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