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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kid Cuteness: Addendum

Can you tell I can't sleep?

Anyway, I'll get to part 2 of Kid Cuteness when it's not the middle of the night, but I thought of this today and kept cracking myself up.

Kahunah, Silverfox and I brought the children to the museums in DC. We were driving back after when I decided to participate in the education of Short Stuff and starting telling him about how L'enfant designed the City. Short Stuff was not impressed with Mr. L'enfant's accomplishment and said we had too many trees around. (Strange thought coming from a kid who lives in the New Orleans area, where trees are EVERYWHERE.) Anyway, he asked why the heck we need these stinkin' trees anyway.

My answer: We need trees so the birds have a place to live. We wouldn't want a bunch of homeless birds walking around asking for change.

Life Lesson #1,263: Don't let Auntie Mel answer your kids' random questions.


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