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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Universe Thinks It's Funny...

Today, I had two major projects due by 5 pm. One is the huge personnel-related project I wrote about previously, which wouldn't have driven me as crazy if people would look up the definition of the word "deadline" in the dictionary. The other is a huge IT/Communications project to develop a customer service web application (which will work in conjunction with a desktop interface for tracking workflow), requiring "you know who" to draft a report detailing the intricacies of my department's web-based communications/customer service and provide specific data/solutions to fit the new system based solely on screen captures of what that system will be.

I had about 2 weeks to do both at the same time, while keeping up with all my day-to-day communications duties, like updating every damned phone number on our dozens of web pages and dozens of forms/applications because we just got a new phone system. I was on track to completing both on-time IF I used every minute of the day to the fullest.

That's when the universe thought, "Fuck Melinda. I can't stand that bitch."

This morning, the servers crashed, which means that we couldn't access our databases, any work saved on the server (meaning all of it), our e-mail or our web-based applications. Since we have the new-fangled phone system tied into our server, our phones also went down. FOR FOUR HOURS! Fortunately, I had enough stuff open on my desktop or printed out for editing to get some work done, but I hit the wall at about 3 hours, counting my mandatory 1 hour lunch.

The servers came back up and I started working furiously to get things done UNTIL the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. After standing outside for about a half hour, I rushed back to my desk and tried to get shit done UNTIL the fire alarm went off AGAIN!

I submitted the IT/Communications project with time to spare because I'm just freaking brilliant under pressure. Then, I got the personnel project pretty much finished, pending feedback from my immediate boss. At a quarter til 5, I ran over to my other immediate boss (also known as my other boss's boss) for a quick run-down on an upcoming major project that starts probably next week. When I got back to my office just in time to go home, I found out that the deadline for the personnel project had been extended to Wednesday.

When I left the office, I was dreaming of my couch. I just wanted to crash and burn in the comfort and privacy of my crappy little apartment. I stopped for smokes on the way and got to my building just in time for the arrival of all the fire trucks. Yet another false alarm but I had to stand outside waiting for the fire department to clear the building for entry, for about a half hour!

You know what, Universe? Fuck you too!


Blogger sinister_n_evil said...

Hang in there Hun ... You da bomb!

8:59 PM  

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