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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye Bush! Wooo flurking hoo!

So Bush will be gone today. Although some of you whippersnappers don't remember the presidency before Bush, we old geezers remember other presidents, who sucked but not nearly as much as Gipetto's boy puppet. This has literally been the worst presidential administration in history. Honestly, at this point, I'd be happy to see Bush go even if he and Cheney were being replaced by Guido and Tony from the Bronx.

But Obama chaps my hide!

If he doesn't stop comparing himself to Lincoln, I'm going to scream! President Obama, you are NOT Abraham fucking Lincoln! And really, do you want that comparison? Or are you too idiotic to realize why the comparison may not be a good thing?

You see, at this point in his presidency, Lincoln was more than willing to perpetuate slavery indefinitely if it meant keeping the Union. If the South had been willing to accept that deal, millions of people who were born free would have been born slaves. Millions would have lived and died never knowing what it was to be anything other than some white man's property.

Wait. Is that what the Warren invite and this whole bipartisan bullshit are about? Obama's willing to further the oppression of millions of LGBT people indefinitely if it means uniting the parties, so he's just like Lincoln? If they accept the deal, millions of LGBT people won't know what it is to be free and equal in their own country but at least the Democrats and Republicans can sit down in peace!

Well, fuck you, Mr. President. Even by that standard, you're still a piss-poor imitation of a man who had greatness thrust upon him and was humble enough to know that he didn't deserve the kind of adoration you think is your right.


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