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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kid Cuteness... Part 1

Captain Kahunah and Silverfox came up last month with Short Stuff and Pint Size. I waited patiently for them to tell the cute kid stories, but they haven't yet. So, I've demanded and been given permission to tell some of them myself. We'll start with Short Stuff. Short Stuff is funny, even more so when he gets a bit confused by Auntie Mel's weird ways.

First, he kept asking when we were going back to the hotel. There aren't many high-rise apartment buildings in New Orleans. So, I don't think Short Stuff's ever really seen one. Poor Kahunah had to keep explaining to him that people (including Auntie Mel) actually lived in my building. Once he got that, he started referring to my place as home. His parents "corrected" him, but really, Short Stuff always has a second home here. So, there, 'rents!

Then, when we were at the National Museum of American History, Short Stuff decided he wanted to take photos. Silverfox wasn't about to hand over her expensive digital camera, so he turned to Auntie Mel.

SS: Can I borrow YOUR camera?
AM: My camera's at home on my desk.
SS: Cell phone camera?
AM: I don't have a cell phone.
SS: You're still a kid?!
AM: No, I'm all grown up. I promise.

My favorite moment though has to be his negotiations for a lego model of Air Force One. Kahunah and Silverfox are very education-oriented when it comes to the kids. That's great and has really paid off, what with Short Stuff being king of the honor roll and all. But education and toys are really an unfair combination. In order to get the model, Short Stuff had to say who flew in the plane. After a few "I don't knows" and a couple of sly looks around trying to find the answer, Short Stuff gave it his best shot: "The Jonas Brothers?" I know there was some serious parenting going on, but I nearly lost it right there on the spot. Fortunately, Auntie Mel had just enough tact to walk off and snicker out of earshot.

Okay, that's the end of part 1. Next time on "Kid Cuteness": Pint Size.


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