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Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Hang My Head In Shame

Yesterday, I got a card in the mail from Comcast, my telephone service provider. Apparently, digital phone is being eliminated, so if I want to stay with Comcast, I have to switch to digital voice. Well, after speaking to the silky-voiced operator for a few minutes, I decided to take the plunge. In my defense, the new package costs about the same as what I now pay for phone service and dial-up internet.

Anyway, as of January 7, I'll have digital voice, dsl and... CABLE! I'm so ashamed. I managed to live without even owning a television for many years. The television I have now is predominantly used to watch movies now that I can get independent and foreign films delivered straight to my mailbox. But cable is just going too far, don't you think?


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