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Monday, January 07, 2008

Melinda Luck

So, I was being all bad-ass, practing my front snap kicks and side kicks, when I decided to do something wimpy, get into "chair" or "horse" stance...

(Yeah. I looked much cooler than that.)

Anyway, I get into "horse" stance and start practicing my punches. Problem? I'd stretched out the lower body for my kicks but hadn't really stretched the upper body enough. So, I pulled a muscle along the left side of my back. It hurt A LOT. I had to go run errands after that and must have looked like a complete ass when ordering my food at the diner, because I moved my shoulder the wrong way and suddenly couldn't breathe or speak for the pain. I can only imagine the "Melinda pain face" that must have been on at that moment. It's much better today but still a little sore. Sleeping on it was the suck.

Lesson: I will stretch my ENTIRE body before being all bad-ass so that I don't end up the dumbass.


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