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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fun with Weapons

I've decided to use my new-found energy to get back into shape the old-fashioned way. So, I bought weapons.

Unfortunately, Costco doesn't carry martial arts supplies, so I had to hit the online stores. Thanks to some Jewriffic comparison shopping, I got everything I need to begin working out for about $100. I'll probably have to wait until after my vacation to start, but I'm so excited.

Once they get here, I'll have a new solid black gi with cute little black belt, training nunchucks, a training bo, and some videos to help me get back into the formal kata I really should be using and hopefully learn some new routines with the weapons. No, I don't NEED padded weapons. I haven't hit myself with nunchucks or a bo since I was a child. I'm just not used to working out in such a confined space, so I need to protect my apartment from my mad ass-kicking skillz.

I've also been prepping my bod with balance and flexibility exercises and some free-form kata for a while now and I think it's working well. I can now comfortably place my foot on the back of my kitchen chairs, which come up to about chest height, from a free standing position. In other words, without holding onto anything for balance, I just swing my foot up there and rest it on the back of the chair while I bend my other leg to get a good stretch going. I was totally rocking the kata to some old school rock today and it's feeling a lot better. I'm hoping the energy holds and I can be back in form within six months.

Wish me luck.


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