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Monday, April 14, 2008

3 to 13! What?

I plead lesbian ignorance, but this seems outrageous to me.

Science to Life has a post about a study done by researchers at Penn State claiming that "good" sex only takes 3 to 13 minutes.

Okay, I've never had sex for that short a time. I would be embarassed to all hell and back. A long time ago when I was still young and energetic, I actually profusely apologized to a woman for only lasting 2 hours. Can you even get foreplay out of the way in 13 minutes?

Okay, just read the original article Science to Life links to, they "measured" from penetration to ejaculation. What about female orgasm? Dumbasses! Or foreplay? I knew straight people were dumb. haha (Loves me some straight people. Don't get mad.)

I was curious so I checked with Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot. Average time for a woman to achieve orgasm? 20 minutes. So, guess who 13 minutes of sex is good FOR?

Another interesting tidbit: 44% of men claim their partners always climax during sex. 22% of women claim they always climax during sex.

NOTE: Multiple medical sources confirm the 20 minute average. I just like Marshall and Dorian's page.


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