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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Health Update!

I love Inova Alexandria Hospital! Well, not their ER. It sucks. Rare diseases and ER docs do not go well together. But their cardiology unit is my new best friend.

Why? I was supposed to have an arterial doppler tomorrow and a venous doppler on Thursday. They just called and asked if I wanted them both today. I'm not about to try public transportation today, so I turned it down. BUT! They scheduled both for tomorrow. So, I don't have to leave work early two days in a row and use up what little leave I have left. I also don't have to travel out to the hospital in the cold and back two days in a row. (If you know what Prinzmetal's and Raynaud's are, you know that me and cold are not friends at all!)

So, I love me some Inova Alexandria Cardiology Unit!

BTW, the cat scan went well. I'll have to wait for my doctor to review the results, but at least it was a cat scan instead of an MRI. Claustrophobia and MRI's don't go well together, so I have to be sedated for them. I do NOT like being sedated, even 24... 24... 24... hours a day! haha


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