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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hijacked by Iran?

I'm home again after my lovely visit to family and friends in Louisiana and Mississippi. My train wasn't hijacked, Silverfox, but I did miss the one I was supposed to take on Saturday and had to leave Sunday instead. So I rolled in Monday and returned to work bright and early Tuesday morning.

There are many tales to tell and pictures to show, but that'll have to wait until I get time to upload my photos and get back online (at home rather than at work).

However, I'd like to put forward an invitation now.

My place. July 2008. Shore Leave. Klingon Feast. As many people as we can reasonably fit in my apartment. I seem to remember our counting 10 in a dorm bed, so I think we can get a few more in my apartment if we try. Just RSVP to my e-mail addy or phone. Bring adorable nerdlets for spoiling or you're sleeping in the SUV. Don't worry. I'll baby proof my weapons. hehe


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