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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One More Reason...

This is just one more reason Obama can go fuck himself. The Obama inaugural committee scheduled the invocation by the openly gay Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson for 5 minutes BEFORE the HBO broadcast of the inaugural concert began yesterday afternoon. According to many in attendance, the loudspeakers were also turned off during the invocation so only people in the VIP section could actually hear Robinson's words. The hundreds of thousands on the mall could see him but NOT hear him. Here's a clip of what everyone in the nation would have heard if Obama wasn't a homophobe:

UPDATE: By the way, Obama's team tried to blame this on HBO until HBO busted them. Here's the wonderful, lesberrific Rachel Maddow on the issue:

UPDATE: The prayer was also scheduled BEFORE Obama entered, so he was not on the stage during his own inaugural concert invocation. We should unleash a million angry drag queens on his ass!


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