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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Am NOT Amused.

I just found out that I am now Great Aunt Melinda. My 21-year-old niece had a baby. I explained to these kids that they aren't allowed to date until they're 40. Do they listen to me? NO. Someone's in big trouble when I next go home for a visit. Anyway, it's a girl. My mom's going to send me pics. I'll post them if I can get them scanned in.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Important Voice on Gay Marriage

Has the BIG GUY weighed in on Prop 8?

My sympathies to those in the path of the California wildfires, but this was just too funny to pass up.

Imaginary Bitches Speak Out

Because "Monogamy is not just for people too ugly to have casual sex."

A Straight Man on Gay Marriage



I marched on Washington this weekend. What did you do?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was joking with my boss today about the interviews they're doing. I asked if they were thinking of replacing me. haha It was meant to be a joke. Well, he said he was a "fan" of mine and didn't think so. So I said that I had lots of fans around there and they should start a club. Then he mentioned something about what they're saying about me on the internet. Considering that the libelous bullshit from two years ago is still trailing me via google, I'm getting paranoid. When will it die?

UPDATE: Apparently, I'm okay for now. Long term may be a different story.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Prop 8 Passes, Gay People Screwed

Listen up, nosy religio-nut straight people! Mind your own damned business already! My rights are not a matter of your opinion. My freedom doesn't end just because you get the heebie-jeebies thinking about gay sex. Get it?

For those of you wondering what I'm on about, California and three other states have passed anti-gay measures, either banning gay marriage or gay adoption. The screwed up thing is that Obama's get out the vote effort may have played a major role in getting prop 8 passed in California.

So, for those who think Obama is such a victory for civil rights, I ask that you pause a moment and consider the role he's played in opposing mine.

Are We Doomed?

I think so.

I just opened an email from a dear friend upset because he'd been called a racist for opposing Obama. This friend is biracial (Native American/White) and is one of the most non-racist people I know. Others I know who supported McCain, like me, are biracial or multiracial or have mixed race families. Are we racist?

Obama and his supporters have used race as a weapon for nearly two years and I believe, endangered our progress in race relations. They have wielded the race card against people like the Clintons, like my friends, like me, who have spent a great deal of our lives fighting for racial equality. They have set Obama up as THE standard bearer for the entire African-American community, as THE test of racial enlightenment and with that, diminished the struggle. No one person, no one politician should ever be the litmus test for enlightened views on anything.

I understand the great pride and hope expressed by so many African-Americans today. I think I'd feel the same if it weren't this politician at this time, if it were Cornel West up there or Colin Powell or Harold Ford, Jr. I may feel the same if it were a woman or a Native American or a Jew, though probably not if that woman or Native American or Jew had the same negatives as Obama. And definitely not if that person were presenting themselves as the saving grace for all women, all Native Americans, all Jews. Not if that person were presenting themselves as THE test for people's attitudes on gender, race or religion.

So, I worry for the future of a country led by a man who has presented himself as one who cannot be opposed without the opponent being a racist, a man who pretends that he is so beyond fault that race is the only problem anyone could have with him. How about you?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

We Will Not Be Silenced

This may be the most important half hour of your life.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. Thomas Jefferson ...

Putting Country First

I feel like I should be writing this at some twelve-step meeting or, perhaps, at some ideological reeducation/rehab camp. It's just insane and will shock anyone who knows me either personally or professionally. So, let's just jump right in, shall we? Just rip off the band-aid. Okay.

I'm voting McCain/Palin.


1. Obama is the least qualified presidential candidate in modern history and his VP running mate is an ignorant buffoon. Yes, Palin has much to learn but, according to those who have worked with her, including Warren Buffet, she's an extremely impressive woman and is being "misunderstimated." After reviewing her real Alaska record rather than the Obama-backed internet myths, I'm seriously impressed.

2. Obama has never looked beyond himself as candidate and seriously considered what it'll take to lead. This may have something to do with the fact that he's spent his entire political career running for some other office. Not once has he completed a term without running for higher office. Anyway, far too many questions result in Obama talking about his campaign rather than his record, a record he has taken great pains to conceal. What kind of person destroys his entire record as a State Senator, leaving no documents to be reviewed?

3. As a candidate, Obama is seriously corrupt in a way only a Chicago politician can be. From getting opponents kicked off the ballot to forcing the release of sealed divorce records, his campaigns in Illinois were Chicago corrupt all the way. During the primaries, he went even further, embracing Rovian tactics. There are widespread accusations of vote suppression, voter intimidation and vote fraud in caucus states around the country. The Texas Democratic Party has called Obama's actions criminal and requested a full investigation. Having reviewed the accusations carefully and discussed the caucuses with friends who were there, I find the accusations have weight and are truly frightening. The ACORN doesn't fall far from the Obama-tree.

4. Obama is a hypocrite. He has stoke partisan hatreds while claiming to be postpartisan. He has used the most racially divisive tactics possible while proclaiming himself the postracial candidate. Somehow, Obama and his supporters have managed to paint the Clintons, his Republican opponents, and the majority of Americans as racists for daring to questions his qualifications, his policies and his character. I've seen standard political boilerplate being recast as racist simply because it's being used against Obama. According to leaked documents from the Obama campaign that seemed to disappear once he became the Dem nominee, this was Obama's major campaign strategy.

5. Obama is a liar. Over and over again, Obama has changed his story and his stances on the issues. Call him on it and he denies he ever held the previous view, despite the existence of video, audio or written evidence! Over and over again, Obama has chosen not to explain his associations but to lie about them. Can you go to church twice a month for 20 years and never know that your minister is a loon and a racist? Can you call a guy your moral foundation and not know that he's an anti-Semite? Can a person babysit your children yet just be some guy you know that you had a conversation with once? Can a guy help get you into Harvard and help you pay for it yet be someone you don't even know?

6. Obama is a sexist and enabler of misogny and violent anti-woman rhetoric. From sexist attacks on Hillary during the debates to sexist attacks on Sarah Palin now, Obama has been both active and passive participant in the most blatantly misogynistic tactics to mar our national discourse in decades. My favorite: the obsession with Sarah Palin having been a beauty queen when she was about 20. Guess what Obama was doing around that age? Cocaine. I'll take fancy pageant-walking any day.

7. Obama is an idiot. During many recent interviews, Obama has talked about going into Afghanistan and stopping Al Qaeda once and for all. How can you be a citizen of the U.S. in the post 9/11 era, a Senator since 2005 and a presidential candidate since 2007 and STILL not know that Al Qaeda is an international bohemoth that can never be completely defeated in any one country? The only possible answers: stupidity or willful ignorance. There have been so many other naive, stupid or just plain boneheaded claims on Obama's part that I can't even catalogue them here. This is just the worst of the lot.

8. Obama's economic plans are potentially disastrous when combined with Congressional Democrats intentions for an Obama presidency. I work in an economically-related field in government. (Considering the classified nature of much of what I do, I'll leave it there.) I assure you that his policies are the exact opposite of what needs to be done right now and what is being done by state and local governments around the country. The decisions are hard, but they have to be made if we're going to stabilize our economy. Obama refuses to either see or admit that.

9. Obama is for Obama and nothing else. From his revolving door for associates and friends who no longer serve his needs to the willingness to provoke old hatreds, Obama seems to care little about anyone and anything but himself. Why did Obama not pick Hillary, the candidate who received more primary votes than any other candidate in history? Why did his campaign announce that the choice of more than half the electorate wasn't even vetted? Why did his campaign willingly participate in the disenfranchisement of Michigan and Florida voters? Why did his campaign participate in the charade at the Democratic convention where Clinton delegates were pressured into ignoring the voters and moving their support to Obama? Why did the normal nominating process give way to the joke of having Clinton stop the count on Obama's behalf? Obama. The alpha and omega of Obama's heart trumps any concern for the people, our expressed will and our democratic processes.

10. Etc. illegal campaign contributions, manipulation/intimidation of the press, broken promises on campaign funding, broken promises on FISA, ....

So, I'm voting McCain/Palin. With a balanced government and two leaders with a strong history of moderate, bipartisan rule, our country will be a lot better off and that's what matters.