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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Universe Sucks

So, I guess it's my turn to weigh in on the Kahunah/Silverfox wedding woes.

Some people think the universe is sending a message and they should call it off. In particular, one sawed-off little punk with a homophobia problem, but I digress.

Some think this makes Kahunah a polygamist, but that's just crap.

Kahunah and Silverfox are so unbelievably perfect for one another. They entered into their relationship and planned their wedding with honest intentions and the firm belief that the previous marriage had been ended legally long ago. They've planned and payed and organized. They're flying in friends and family from all over the country.

So, a legal technicality related to Hurricane Katrina prevents a legal wedding at the moment. Who the fuck cares?! Those of us who love them were going there to celebrate their happiness and the much-earned joy that Silverfox has brought to the Kahunah's life. A piece of paper doesn't change that and never will.

I am unbelievably proud to join them in celebrating the unique and special gift they've found in one another. The "universe" and its messages, the Louisiana courts and a certain sawed-off little punk can all suck my dick.

In the face of true love, no law can stand.

Update: Apparently, the person who made the comment that set me off, referred to as a sawed-off little punk in the above is NOT the person I had a bit of a run-in with some time back. And is not homophobic. At all. Really. Melinda is, understandably I hope, a bit touchy about certain types of comments and generally acts defensively in such matters. I apologize to the not a sawed-off little punk person that I was unknowingly referring to in such a manner and to both Kahunah and Silverfox. I'll leave it at that, as much as I'd love to post a long diatribe on the inappropriateness of certain types of comments.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Shut the Fuck Up, Already!

Sorry. I really want to scream that at certain people but can't.

Why is it that healthy people with no medical background feel free to give you advice on coping with a disease so rare and little understood that even the best cardiovascular specialists in the world are generally left scratching their heads?

Why is it that healthy people with no medical background think smiling is going to make the pain go away when your arteries are spasming, cutting off the flow of oxygen to your heart?

Why is it that healthy people with no medical background think they can tell you that you're going to live another 35 years when the best medical advice available is to prepare for your impending death as best you can?

Why is it that healthy people with no medical background feel the need to do the above REPEATEDLY?!

I haven't the foggiest clue, but for all those healthy people with no medical backgrounds, I have a resounding "Shut the Fuck Up, Already!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I thought I'd screw myself waiting for leave approval at work before I bought my tickets home. As it was when I first checked a month or so ago, the tix were about $350 round trip from D.C. to New Orleans. Yikes! Not quite an amount I spend readily, but it's the Kahunah-Silverfox wedding, so...... Anyway, I went online to get tix today and found round trip tickets at decent departure/arrival times for $195 TOTAL with the insurance and everything! And that's where the Jewgasm kicked in!

So, look out, New Orleans! August 7 through 11, yours truly is cutting loose! (That is if standing in a Hawaiian-themed wedding can be considered cutting loose.)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Flibberty Gibbit!

I went for a check-up today. My doc now wants a precautionary X-ray since the leg's not healing as quickly as it should and... drumroll, please... if the X-ray's negative and it doesn't heal on its own, I may need physical therapy. Woo to the flurking hoo! I'm so excited. NOT!

As for the heart and the massive chest pain turned migraine from earlier in the week, that's apparently a big "No shifts, Sherlock. You have heart disease and you're already being treated for it." If the migraine recurs, then they may do some new medicine-y thing, but otherwise I'm on my own with Prince Verapamil and his trusty knight Sir Atenolol. Prinzmetals sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My body can so totally kiss its own nether regions!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

My Reviews

Melinda being really mean to bad writers.

Melinda offering balanced criticism of a relatively good book that should've been so much more.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Funny and Clean


I Love Kate McKinnon!

Check out this video: Disenchanted: Little Red Riding Hood

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

McCain -- What a Stud! (ewwww)

I just realized that if McCain wins in November, heaven forbid, his wife will be by far the best looking First Lady we've ever had. What a cougar!