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Saturday, April 21, 2007

What if G-d was one of us?

What if Jesus was a blogger? Hilarious. Thanks for the tip off, RPP.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Am I Going to Hell?

Very funny and very embarassing story. For a Reform Jew, I'm rather observant, a bit less than before my illness but still doing my darnedest. So, as Passover approached, I checked my handy Jewish holiday chart for the precise date on which I should start observing. As usually, I stopped eating leavened bread and bread-like products (or things that levitate as Judy says) in time for the holiday. I kept this up for eight days...but the WRONG eight days. It seems my handly chart was off by two days. As I was rather busy with work, friends visiting, food poisoning, etc., I never bothered to double check the dates until tonight when I wanted to make very sure that I ended the holiday precisely as scheduled (a paranoid habit I picked up after nearly missing Rosh Hashanah one year due to a similar problem). So, I actually ate bread for the first two days of Passover. That's right, I was rolling in chametz on the Holy Days! I'm going to hell. Wait! We don't have hell! So, I'll be consigned to an iffy neighborhood in the World to Come. I think I can live with that or be dead or undead or whatever with that.

I just hope I can live down the embarassment when I tell EVERYONE I know how blonde I've been. Yes, I HAVE to tell them. Funny stories should never be kept secret.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cloning: The Future or the Present?

Has a human being already been cloned? Is this clone being raised by the "original" in a small Mississippi town? Observe the specimens closely.

The parents of this obvious clone CLAIM that he is the product of normal sexual reproduction, but the end product (the clone) is far too perfect a reproduction to be the result of the random mixing of egg and sperm. Occasional inadvertent references to the child as "Drew-clone" seem to seal the deal. What one wonders is how such advanced cloning technology could be hidden from the rest of the world so easily? Is the small Mississippi town the perfect place for hiding this genetic miracle from the prying eyes of those who might catch on to the dark secret of these so-called proud "parents"? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........